The Reverend Kenneth Mitchem, D.Min., is a native of Gaffney, South Carolina. He entered the USMC at the age of 17 and served 22 years of honorable service. During this time, he attained the rank of Gunnery Sergeant and was a Drill Instructor for two years. This period was the most rewarding because it allowed Dr. Mitchem to mold, make, develop and instruct young men and women about the customs, traditions and duties of being a United States Marine.

          After being released from active duty in 1993, Dr. Mitchem relocated to New Jersey to start the next chapter in his life. He was subsequently hired by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs as an Adjudicator. This experience helped Dr. Mitchem assist veterans with their compensation and pension claims. AMVETS (a service organization for veterans) convinced Dr. Mitchem he could serve our veterans better as a service officer. He held that position for two years.

          1993 is also the year Dr. Mitchem was licensed by the AME Church to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Education being a major component to this new endeavor prompted Dr. Mitchem to obtain a BS degree in Management (2001), an MDiv degree (2005) and a DMin (2009) with the focus on Preaching in the 21st Century.

          In 1999, Dr. Mitchem was hired by the US Customs Service as an officer for twelve years. He attended the law enforcement academy in Georgia and graduated in September of the same year. This experience was rewarding because it afforded Dr. Mitchem the opportunity to meet individuals fromall over the world.

          Dr. Mitchem has taught at several colleges and universities as an Adjunct Professor. This is by far his greatest passion, teaching and helping in the development of minds that make a difference. 

          Dr. Mitchem has received awards, been acknowledged by professional organizations and been invited to participate in multiple public speaking engagements during his 30+ years of public service. 

          Dr. Mitchem’s passion for others is the hallmark of his distinguished career in public service. Helping someone along the way is his personal motto and creed to live by.